Recovery Health Initiatives

Your partner in recovery: Cost effective client acquisition and practice management are critical to the success of any recovery focused business. We screen candidates, establishing their best fit to facilities. We verify their insurance credentials and realistic out of pocket budget then connect them directly by phone to the intake teams of our partners.

Tools for the job

Many facilities get by on a combination of whiteboards and over stressed admin staff. Recovery Engine offers a suite of simple effective, cost free tools to manage your facility more efficiently.

  • Lead Generation
  • Verification of Benefits
  • Financing
  • Dashboard

A Changing World

Addiction and recovery has undergone massive changes in recent years. The spike in prescription opioid abuse leading to heroin addiction has become a national crisis yet the tools we use are antiquated.


Recovery Health Initiatives is a one stop clinic management platform focused on filling facilities with well qualified clients. It helps the clinic manage most aspects of patient engagement. It’s designed to be a tool which allows facilities to automate and manage processes which currently fall to administrative staff and whiteboards.

Lead Generation

We promote across multiple media channels to find clients seeking help. As we onboard we match client need to local and national providers and present the best fit to the client then connect the client to the clinic.

Verification of Benefits

As part of the matching process we validate client insurance coverage. We then check which facilities would be acceptable to the insurance provider and only present facilities which are acceptable.


We ask whether the client might be interested in financing their out of pocket component. We pass that information along to the facility and offer a financing package which the facility can use if they wish.

The Dashboard

Our partner clinics can access all of the features and tools of the Recovery Engine through a secure and simple to use browser dashboard on any desktop or via the Recovery Engine mobile app.