About Us

Recovery Health Initiatives is focused on helping people who are looking for recovery find a recovery which works for them. The recovery landscape is complex and can be very hard to navigate. Recent changes mean that health insurance may pay for some part of recovery, but people without insurance can get help as well and we have providers for all kinds of recovery needs and budgets.  We have partnered with a range of recovery providers nationwide and our goal is to match people looking for recovery to an appropriate provider, based on the criteria that they give us. If we don’t have a match to a specific location we will connect to somebody who may.

Recovery Health Initiatives’s parent company comes from a strong tradition of matching people looking for services such as home security or insurance to providers of those services by telephone.  It is that powerful technology that is at the core of the Recovery Health Initiatives solution. Recovery Health Initiatives also brings a different way of working to the recovery industry.  In the world of home security, insurance or legal services quality is critical.  People looking for calls from potential customers in those industries expect quality and do not pay when that quality is not delivered.  Those industries expect professional results diligently provided.  There is no tolerance for anything else.   Recovery Health Initiatives is bringing those kind of values and results to recovery.

Through our parent company we have a strong tradition with recovery.  When first launched sales were made directly to local businesses and the majority of our  call center team was in recovery.  They were proud to give many hundreds of people a chance for a new start.  Over time we moved away from a direct sales model but focused on developing and deploying technology to drive high quality calls in high volume.  In recent years it became clear that the rapidly emerging world of recovery was in need of a partner capable of providing results with the kind of quality expected by more traditional industries.

The rapidly evolving recovery space has been taken advantage of in many cases by many bad actors. Recovery Health Initiatives is focused on delivering a high quality ethically based service. We partner with recovery providers who share our concerns for the addicted putting their treatment first and foremost.